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Diamond & Gemstone Therapy

Energy healing practitioners often heal themselves on their journey to helping others heal. Learning techniques to better my life helps facilitate the basis for establishing a energy therapy practice. For example, I worked with gemstones to help myself achieve better health and happiness. (client results on next page)


The following are conditions I used gemstone and diamond therapy. These are the tip of the iceberg of how my therapy can help you:

1. I wasn't able to pet my dog because my hand felt too stiff and grew very tired after 15 seconds of scratching his neck. 

Result: I worked with diamond and gemstones to clear energy and increase the flow and I now sit and scratch my dog for 30 minutes.


2. I couldn't lift up a pan with noodles and take it over to the sink to drain the water while cooking. 

Result: My therapy helped release the pain and gave my wrist additional strength so I can now lift the pan on my own.


3. I couldn't lift up my arms over my head.

Result: I cleared and balanced my chakras and I can lift my arms up and hold them there.


4. I felt depressed and sad a lot.

Result: Gemstones helped lift my spirits and release unwanted emotions that I hadn't worked through. I worked with my diamond gemstones in additional to other complementary therapies and meditation to achieve the happiness I experience today.


5. I wasn't thinking clearly and my head often felt cloudy like when I used to take allergy pills.

Result: Working with diamond and gemstones for several sessions helped me develop clear thinking and better memory.


6. I felt anxious and stressed all the time.

Result: After working with gemstones and crystals, I reduced my stress level by 50%.


6. My husband has carpel tunnel syndrome.

Result: After 1 session of my therapy, he can now play his saxophone twice as much as he used to without a break.


Bring your issue or concern to the appointment and together we will choose how to best proceed for your condition. Call Melissa at 405-203-8214.





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