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Melissa Lenington, M.A., CCP, OM


805 NW 30th Street

Oklahoma City, OK


Radiant Living Center

6051 N. Brookline Ave.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Phone:  405-203-8214


Email: gemstonetherapy@hotmail.com


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My Holistic Health Practice

My therapies help you resolve past issues and current concerns with your body, mind and spirit. Healing is an important part of personal growth and I have overcome many personal obstacles on my journey to becoming a practitioner and teacher.

I have a M.A. in Integrated Religious Studies and I am an advocate for helping people bring more Love, Peace and Wisdom into their lives by going within and making positive changes. I teach people to make decisions based on their heart-mind connection and listen to their inner wisdom instead of making decisions from the intellect alone.

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I am committed to helping you with my energy healing therapy practice so you can feel better, leave the past aches and injuries behind and move toward a brighter future.

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Clients have recommended me:


"I had a healing from Melissa at the Radiant Living Fun Fair. It was wonderful. When she put the diamond on me, I felt it go all through my body. Melissa's energy is great. She had a very calm presence. I felt great afterward!" -Lynn Thompson (2019)


"I had a great session. Melissa knows her gemstones and is a gem herself." -Deborah DeLight (2018)


The following are conditions that were helped with Diamond & Gemstone Therapy. These are the tip of the iceberg of how my therapy can help you:


1. A client's psoriasis cleared up after 3 Diamond & Gemstone Therapies and 1 Adv. Angelic Healing.


2. A client came for stress relief, but left with 50% less pain in his body and feet after 1 session with Diamond Therapy.


3. A client had carpel tunnel syndrome.

Result: After 1 session of my therapy, he can now play his saxophone twice as much as he used to without a break.


Bring your issue or concern to the appointment and together we will choose how to best proceed for your condition. Call Melissa at 405-203-8214.





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