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Melissa Lenington, M.A., CCP, OM


Radiant Living Center

6051 N. Brookline Ave.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Phone:  405-203-8214


Email: gemstonetherapy@hotmail.com


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What is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic Healing is a form of energy therapy that unlocks your healing potential and energetic causes of ill-health. Stress and unresolved emotions create congested areas or blockages that need to be released during a session to let the healthy flow of energy resume for the body to return to health.


Clients report feeling deep relaxation and upliftment, emotional release, relaxation, tingling sensation, cool sensation on the body, etc. Other clients report clearing out emotions from past experiences, mental clarity, and pain relief. 


Client participation is letting go and allowing the gemstones to work at as deep a level as you are comfortable.


A typical appointment lasts 1.5 hours. You remain fully clothed, but will lie on a massage table unless other accommodations are needed. 



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