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My Services

My Services at a Glance:

  • Diamond Therapy
  • Chakra Balancing and Clearing Energy Congestion
  • Pain Reduction
  • Stress and Emotional Relief
  • Advance Angelic Healing
  • Bach Flower Essences 
  • Full Moon Meditation

Diamond Therapy 

  • The diamond accesses your blueprint like the blueprint for a house. Your whole being blueprint holds all the information about how to be your healthiest. At this level, you are free from illness, pain and injury. This is why working with the diamond is so successful.

Chakra Therapy 

  • This therapy clears blockages in the chakras and allows the natural color rays to come into the chakras. 
  • Chakra therapy also calls for checking for back door leaks. 
  • This therapy also reshapes the vortexes when they are out of shape and not working properly.
  • It is extremely important to maintain chakra health in order to live your best life.

Target Area 

  • The Target Area address an ailment, injury or condition in a distinctive place on your body. I can work with the diamond to relieve energy stagnation in any area in the body and aura and most importantly at different levels of manifestation to find the root cause.

Stress and Emotional Relief and Clearing 

  • Stress and Emotional Relief and energy uplifting and clearing is vital to improving your health because these are the reasons you have congested areas your body. When these areas are left there and not cleared out, they can become pain or illness. 

Advanced Angelic Healing

  • This therapy consists of asking for angelic help. I place gemstones around your body to help you relax and release stagnate and spent energy. I utilize techniques to bring in  golden light to help you return to a healthier, uplifted state. Angelic Healing lasts up to 1.5 hours.

Bach Flower Essences 

  • For over 40 years Bach flower therapy has offered a way to address the underlying mental and emotional conditions affecting your well-being and aims to treat these and not just the physical symptoms. I offer the remedy for $25 for a limited time. Consultation is 30 minutes. (If you choose to take the remedy as part of after care for continued wellness after your session with gemstone therapy to reinforce the changes that have occured, cost is $10.00.)

New Moon Meditation

  • New Moon is about fresh starts and positive changes. On or around the New Moon each month, I teach meditation with gemstones for achieving uplifting energy and receiving the healing benefits of gemstones. You will also repeat a mantra that helps you create positive thoughts and feel uplifted and relaxed. All levels welcome! Radiant Living Center 6051 N. Brookline Ave, OKC



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