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My Services at a glance:

  • Gemstone Sprays
  • Chakra Therapy
  • Target Area
  • Custom Gemstone Therapy

Gemstone Sprays

  • Sprays are beneficial for clearing and making it easier to work on the body during the session.
  • They are used at the beginning and during the session.

Chakra Therapy 

  • This therapy clears blockages in the chakras and allows the natural color rays to come into the chakras. 
  • Chakra therapy also calls for checking for back door leaks. 
  • This therapy also reshapes the vortexes when they are out of shape and not working properly.
  • It is for over all health, when your immune system is running low, the body is in need of a boost or you need a refill of color rays after clearing out blockages.

Target Area 

  • The Target Area address an ailment, injury or condition in a distinctive place on your body. I build a custom gemandala specifically for your condition and use this gemandala over the area.

Custom Gemstone Therapy 

  • Gemstone Therapy Basic Protocol of laying of stones followed by gemstone sprays, aura nourishing and custom gemandala catered to the client's needs.



In all cases, the types of therapies that are best for you are decided at the time of the appointment.

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